Thursday, December 27, 2012


Asalamu Alikum

For those who sat and listened to the Prophet, the Hereafter became almost a living reality to the extent that they could almost visualise it with their own eyes. On some occasions, during the Prophet's descriptions of the Akhira, they observed him going forward as if to grasp something while on other occasions he would withdraw as if to save himself. When questioned about those unusual movements the Prophet explained that as he spoke, he saw the fruits of janna in front of him. He reached out wanting to seize some so that he could show them. He said that, had he done so, it would have provided enough food for the entire world in all times to come. Similarly, when he withdrew, he saw the Hell-fire in front of him and wanted to save himself from it. It was this and other similar experiences witnessed by the Sahaba which were responsible for reforming their lives so completely that all their morals, manners, activities, goals in life - indeed, their entire purpose of existence - was determined by their awareness of their meeting with Allah. It is this reality and conviction in our ultimate fate - repeatedly emphasised in the Quran and in the life example of the Prophet - that we must continuously refer to for inspiration in conducting life's activities.

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