Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Journey of the Hereafter

Asalamu Alikum

The Life to Come

Each approaching day is cutting short our life in this world and every day we are drawing nearer to our grave. Hence, we need to take strong steps to prepare for the Hereafter, and should act quickly to accumulate good deeds to earn the pleasure of Allah. A servant whose master is displeased with him works harder and more efficiently to earn the master’s pleasure.
This is the same condition of the believer in this world who rushes to accumulate good deeds so that his Creator and Master can become pleased with him. The believer tires himself in this pursuit, because if he relaxes and passes his life in ease and fun, then he has forgotten his real purpose and has become involved in his inner desires. He forgets his real purpose of preparing for the Hereafter and starts chasing the false attractions of this world. Such a person is in grave loss if he is not using all his resources to accumulate anything for the Hereafter. He is spending his life unaware that one day he has to die. This is a man to be pitied because worldly pursuits have blinded him.
We have to prepare for the Hereafter in this life and try to please our Creator. We should be involved day and night in thinking of ways to please Him. When we keep this thought foremost in our minds, we will stop wasting our time in useless talk and useless pursuits. Such an individual will stop sinning and displeasing Allah, and start spending his life pleasing and living his life by Allah’s commands. A person who realizes this has no spare time to waste, because he is constantly pursuing new avenues to please Allah.
We need to become people who are desirous of the Hereafter. This world and everything in it will end one day, whereas everything in the Hereafter is ever lasting. Consequently whatever man does for the Hereafter will last forever and continue to benefit him.

Staying Focused

This world and the Hereafter are incomparable; this life and everything in it has no value when compared to the life to come. We should spend our time here in this world earning the pleasures of Allah. In this way we will not only enjoy the Hereafter, but live honorably in this life as well.
For those who believe and do righteous deeds are Gardens as hospitable homes (32:19)
We should always be mindful of the Day of Judgment, and in this way, we can avoid doing wrong. We can be successful if we weigh the shame of the Day of Judgment against what we can attain if we only practice a little patience in this life.
Why are we living in heedlessness today? We have forgotten the Hereafter and that we will be questioned one day. The Hereafter is absent from our discussions; if we talk about death, the women complain that we are depressing and have nothing else to talk about. The reality is that death is the only real topic, for we all have to die and face Allah one day.
We have to live in this world like a traveler who has stopped on the way to his real destination. This world is not a place to set up a permanent residence, and death will take us to what is beyond. The purpose of this life is servitude to Allah, and the purpose of living is remembrance of Allah.

True Submission

Hazrat Shaykh Muhaddis Dehlvi (may the mercy of Allah be upon him) writes that once there was intense famine around Delhi, and the scholars (ulama) decided to gather the townspeople and offer Salat-e-Istisqa. On a set day, the entire community – men, women, children, gathered in an open ground with their animals and all prayed for rain. The sky, however, showed no sign of rain and the ulama started thinking that this community must have committed some grave sin for Allah to withhold the rains.
Just then a young man approached leading a rider on a camel, and inquired as to what was happening. The crowd told him what they were doing there so the young man said that he would also pray likewise.
The crowd saw the young man walk to the camel and fall to one knee as if supplicating, catching hold of the rider’s shawl. Almost immediately clouds began to gather and it started raining. The crowd was astonished and asked the young man what he had done, for this crowd of hundreds had been praying for a long time with no results.
The young man explained that the rider on the camel was his mother, who had spent her entire life according to Allah’s laws. Neither had she ever looked upon a strange man, nor had a non-family male looked upon her. The man continued and said that he would supplicate to Allah exactly as he had done just previously whenever he was in need, using his pious mother as an intermediary. Allah had always accepted, and this was exactly what he had done now.
The lives of these women weren’t like our lives today. Those women used to live in absolute obedience to Allah, who in turn used to answer their every prayer. People who obey Allah and abstain from what He has forbidden have only to raise their hands and Allah will satisfy them beyond their expectations. Today when the husbands leave for work women switch on the television sets or radios. They lose themselves in dramas and musical shows, and gossip is constant within the housework so what kind of acceptance can we expect from Allah if we are so absorbed in this kind of vain work? Television, radio, and music are a waste of time that earns us nothing but the displeasure of Allah

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