Sunday, December 2, 2012

Call to islam prt 2

Asalam wa alikum


Allah, the Almighty, says: Know, therefore, that there is no god but Allah... (Q47:19). It means; you
should know, O dear mankind, that there is no one other than Allah who is worthy of worship in this
universe and everything within it including the earth, the sky, the seas, the suns, the moon, the stars, the
planets, the trees, the mountains, the stones, the day and night. There is no other deity in existence who is
worthy of worship except Allah; He is the true Omnipotent, the God of manifest truth. He is the only
deity in whom we must believe; him alone we must also worship. In doing so, we must take no rivals
beside him, neither the sun, the moon, the grave, nor any other creature. We must devote all our acts of
worship to Allah alone, and we must obey him and align our obedience with his commands, because he is
the one that created us and it is he who will cause us to die. Therefore, none is worthy of worship except
Allah, the creator.

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