Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Journey of the Hereafter part 4

Asalamu Alikum

Restlessness on the Day

On the Day of Judgment, we will be sweating for worry of our sins. This sweat will not be the sweat of this world, but will be boiling hot. Each one will be in as much sweat as his sins. We will be boiling like vegetables in oil, and the atmosphere will be of intense worry.
People will not be able to bear this intense worry and heat. They will approach the Prophets one by one to intercede with Allah to start the Accounting. The Prophets will all decline one by one. Hadrat Adam will refuse saying that he had disobeyed Allah by eating the fruit; Hadrat Nuh will refuse, saying that his own son refused guidance; Hadrat Isa will also refuse, saying that his own nation made him the son of God and so he will be terrified to face Allah.
People will finally approach the Messenger of Allah, who will be standing on the Mount of Mahmud[3]. Allah will be aroused in anger and the Prophet will fall in prostration. He will praise Allah so highly that no one would have praised Allah like that in the past or future. The Messenger of Allah will keep praising thus and Allah’s anger will be appeased and turn into mercy and kindness. Allah will say, “My beloved, raise your head. Today I will grant your every wish.” The Messenger of Allah said to the Sahabah, “I will ask that the Accounting be started, and I will not enter Paradise until the last of my nation enters Paradise.”
The Messenger of Allah was indeed very merciful upon his nation. He used to cry and pray for his nation so much that his beard and the ground would become wet. His a noble feet used to swell for standing in prayer and his eyes would become red.

Reaping What We Sow

Our state today is that even our mandatory worship is in danger, and our lives are passing away in total heedlessness. Today we neglect payment of our zakat[4]; all of us like to save and our women like to make jewelry, but the fear of zakat is only in a minority.
The Messenger of Allah said that the people who were neglectful of their zakat will be stripped of their jewelry on the Day of Judgment and Allah will have the angels melt it until it is molten. The angels will then make stakes out of this and apply these heated stakes to the face, front, and back of these people. “Taste what you used to collect in the world,” they will say.
Today women have a strong desire to make jewelry. We should have as much, if not more desire to pay the zakat that is due on these items because zakat purifies one’s income. If a woman does not honor her zakat on the items due it, her ring will become a scorpion, her bangles will become snakes, and her necklaces will become cobras. They will sting and bite in the grave until the Day of Judgment and their victim will scream and kick. A voice will say, “Taste the pleasures of that jewelry which you took pains to safeguard.”
What is the benefit of shaming people in front of others? We should stop talking and backbiting against others and start searching out the good in others so we can save ourselves from the sins of lying, backbiting, and slander. If we cannot do well for others, the least we should do is not hurt anybody, and try to establish good habits and manners in ourselves.
Allah dislikes breaking contact with relatives and kin and treating them like enemies. The Messenger of Allah said that Allah will not forgive one who holds hatred in his heart for another. Hatred is common among members of the same family and between neighbors. Allah will not forgive such a person even on Lailat-ul-Qadr[5], a precious night in which Allah forgives everybody.

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