Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Rights of the Neighbor in Islamic Shari`ah... part 11 and ending

Asalam wa Alikum

Sixth Topic
The importance of get-to-gathers between the neighbors

Among the matters that help fulfill the rights of the neighbors, particularly in this era in which preoccupations, distractions and temptations dominate, are the following: To meet each other regularly; to meet each other in every month or two months at the house of one of them or alternately. Also to exploit these meetings in the following: in acquaintance and rapport, strengthening love and relationships between each other, discussing the conditions of each other, helping each other in the occasions of sadness and happiness, inspecting the absent, visiting the patient, assisting the needy, rectifying the behaviors of those who follow the crooked path, giving advice to each other, discussing the conditions of area where they live in and its needs to services and reforms, solving its problems, tackling abominable acts like negligence in performing prayers, or dubious gatherings, loitering, teasing, molestations, wandering with motors, aggressions, theft or the like. All these matters represent a form of helping each other in goodness and piety, taking care of the neighbors and treating them kindly.

Proper attention should be given to the matters of the young and children through taking care of preparing the righteous environment. This righteous environment helps prepare and educate them well, protect them from different types of abominable acts and indecencies that are spread in some residence areas due to the negligence of neighbors and parents and due to lack of helping each other in upbringing youth, preparing the suitable climate for purifying their souls, rectifying their morals, urging them to compete each other in goodness and abandon the places of corruption and evil.

The area of residence should play as an integral part to the role of house and school. It should help achieve reformation and education, particularly the role of the area mosque which must be activated. This activation will be through teaching and Qur'an memorization circles and sessions of preaching and remembrance of Allah. It should be a source of light and guidance for everyone who visits it habitually or lives around it from the dwellers of the area.

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