Friday, November 2, 2012

Rights of our Neighbours

Asalam wa alikum

So over the next few days i want to get into the right of our neighbours  and what they have upon us and we have upon them whether they are muslim or not

Insha`allah we can learn alot and maybe through this action it can help us attain jannah

Islam has set a unique system for social life based on kindness, sympathy, mutual support and solidarity with each other. It is founded on cooperation in goodness and piety, helping other in avoiding sin and aggression and assisting every Muslim to save the right of the one whom he deals with. Allah has given much importance to the right of a Muslim over his Muslim fellow, the right of a relative over his relative and the right of a neighbor over his fellow neighbor.

Maintaining these rights is one of the most important reasons of happiness for the individual and society. People in this world are on trial, and misfortunes surround them from every side.

Man as an individual is a very weak person to the extent that he cannot withstand these misfortunes for a long time. If he withstands, he will suffer from unavoidable hardship unless his well-wishers and brothers come forward to help him, sympathize with him, and extend their support to solve his problem. It is known that a person is insignificant by himself, but feels strengthened if he gets support of his brothers, neighbors and relatives. In views of this importance, we will discuss the neighbor's right through the following topics:

First: The need of a neighbor to his fellow neighbor.
Second: Types of neighbors.
Third: Boundaries of the neighborhood.
Fourth: The greatness of the neighbor's right.
Fifth: Degrees of the neighbor's right.
Sixth: The importance of mutual gatherings between neighbors.

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