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Evil=Eye...part 2

Asalamu alikum

Answer 2: Precautions to be protected from evil-eye
The following precautions must be taken in order to be protected from the effects of evil-eye before we are affected:
1) FIRST PRECAUTION: One should make protective supplications and invocations in the morning and in the evening.
Allah protects the ones who make these supplications and invocations. There are many surahs and supplications that can be read.
Some of them are as follows: al-Fatiha, Ayat al-Kursi, al-Falaq and an-Nas.
There are specific supplications made by the Prophet. The following supplication must be made in order to be protected from evil-eye:
I seek refuge with Allah’s words, which are complete, from the mischief and evil of the things He created.” (Abu Dawud, Tib. 19; Darimi, Isti’zan, 48; Muwatta, Isti’zan, 34; Ahmad bin Hanbal, 4/430).
The following supplication should also be made:
I seek refuge with Allah’s words, which are complete, from all demons, dangerous animals and evil-eyes. I seek refuge with Allah’s words, which are exact, from all evil and mischief which no any good and bad can make but which Allah creates and gives shape, from those who come down from the skies and those who go up to the skies, from what is grown on the ground and what comes out of the earth, from evil and mischief of night and day, and from the evil and mischief of those who knock at the door during the day and at night, except for those who knock at the door for a good reason. O Allah who is merciful” (Bukhari, The Book of Prophets (al-Anbiya), 10; Muslim, The Book of Invocation (adh-Dhikr), 54-55).
Moreover, the following Quranic verse should also be cited:
And the Unbelievers would almost trip thee up with their eyes when they hear the Message; and they say: ‘Surely he is possessed!’ But it is nothing less than a Message to all the worlds.” (al-Qalam, 68: 51-52).
When we look at people, we can see that they do not care about the matter of evil-eye. However, especially babies and little children must be protected from evil-eye effects with the help of supplications in compliance with shariah.
The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) protected Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Hussain with the following supplications:
“I entrust you to Allah’s words, which are complete, from all demons, dangerous animals and evil-eyes.” (Bukhari narrated from Abdullah bin Abbas.)
Addressing his grandsons Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:
“Doubtlessly, your ancestor (Prophet Abraham) protected Ismael and Isaac with them.” (Bukhari narrated from Ibn-i Abbas).
2) SECOND PRECAUTION: One of the ways to be protected from evil-eye effects is not displaying one’s beauties when one is near people s/he is afraid of or suspects.
According to the work of Hafiz al-Baghawi called “Sharhu’s-Sunnah”, Hazrat Uthman bin Affan saw a very beautiful child. Upon this, in order to protect the child from evil-eye effects, he said to the child’s parent: “Hide this child’s beauty by putting black paint on his chin.”
3) THIRD PRECAUTION: Another way to be protected from evil-eye effects is that when a person who sees something or someone he likes, he should pray for what he sees to be blessed.
If a person is afraid of that his eye will cause evil effects on someone, he should say this when he looks at him/her:
“May Allah make it blessed for you.” (with similar statements: see Abu Dawud. Nikah, 36; Tirmidhi, Nikah, 7; Ibn-i Maja, Adhan, 2; Ahmad bin Hanbal, Musnad, 3/281).
Or he should say:
“O My Lord! Make it blessed for her/him.” (with similar statements, see: Muslim, Zuhd, 74; Abu Dawud, Witr, 31; Nasai, Zakat, 12; Ibn-i Maja, Zuhd, 8; Ahmad bin Hanbal, Musnad, 3/108, 188, 5/77).
Or he should say: “Maashallah! (How beautifully created Allah!) There is nobody else but Allah who has got the power.” (Abu Dawud, Adab, 101).
Or supplications similar to those can be made. Then, the harm will be eliminated with the permission of Allah.
If a person suspects and is worried that he caused evil-eye effects on someone should be afraid of Allah and should refrain from the things which can cause evil-eye effects. For this, he should continue to invocate Allah. When he sees something he likes in someone, he should ask Allah to bless it for him/her.
One should not be jealous about any boons which Allah has endowed on people at all because if he is jealous about them, he is considered to have objected to his Lord.

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