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Asalamu alikum

Answer 3: After being affected by evil-eye
Precautions which should be taken against evil-eye effects and ways of protection have been explained above. There are cures in accordance with shariah to be applied after being affected by evil-eye effects too.. There are proofs in the Quran and hadiths which indicate the issue.
The following surahs and verses can be recited for protection:
a) al-Fatiha
b) Ayat-al Kursi
c) al-Falaq
d) an-Nas
e) In addition, the following supplication which Gabriel taught to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) can also be cited:

“I pray for you with Allah’s name. May Allah recover you from evil of everything that causes you trouble, from the effects of evil-eyes of all and of enviers. I pray for you with the name of Allah.” (Bukhari, The Book of Tib, 38; Muslim, The Book of Wellness, 40; Abu Dawud, The Book of Medicine, 19; Tirmidhi, The Book of Funeral, 4; Ibn-i Maja, The Book of Medicine, 36-37; Ahmad bin Hanbal, Musned, 6/332.)
When the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was ill, Gabriel would come and make the following supplication for him: “I pray for you with the name of Allah. May Allah remove all the illnesses from you. May He protect you from the evil-eye of a parson when s/he is jealous.” (Muslim narrated from Hazrat Aisha.)
As it is narrated from some Islamic scholars, the way of being protected from evil-eye is to hide one’s niceness, beauties and jewelry. It is not appropriate for one to beautify his/her spouse and children and show them to people. Allama Ibnu’l-Qayyim says: “whoever reads these supplications will understand how beneficial they are and how much he needs them. These supplications prevent the effect of evil-eye. They eliminate the effects of evil-eye on a person who reads them, to the degree of his faith. As a matter of fact, those supplications are weapons. And a weapon’s efficiency depends on the person who uses it.”
Abdullah as-Saji said that he had a very beautiful camel. One day, he went on trip on his camel’s back, with his travel-mates. There was a traveler amongst them whose eye had the evil-eye effect. People who knew it warned Abdullah. They told him to take care of his camel against that man. Abdullah said that man could not cause any harm to his camel and did not care what they said. They also told the man what Abdullah said and how he reacted. The man started to wait for an opportunity to prove himself for Abdullah. During a break, when Abdullah was not there, the man came and stared at the camel. After a while, the camel became sick and fell down. At that time, Abdullah returned. When he saw his camel on the ground, he asked them what had happened. They said to him:
When you were away, that man came and looked at your camel. And when he looked at the animal, this happened.”
Hearing this, Abdullah said: “Show that man to me”. The showed the man. Abdullah went up to that man and stood before him. Then he cited the following supplication:
“I seek refuge with Allah from the one who captivates with Allah’s name, from the harms of stones and burning flames. Let the effect of evil-eye turn back to the one who caused the evil-eye and harm the one whom he loves the best.
He Who created the seven heavens one above another: No want of proportion wilt thou see in the Creation of (God) Most Gracious. So turn thy vision again: seest thou any flaw? Again turn thy vision a second time: (thy) vision will come back to thee dull and discomfited, in a state worn out.” (This last part of the supplication is the 3rd and 4th verses of chapter al-Mulk. See al-Mulk, 67: 3-4)
When Abdullah as-Saji cited this supplication, the effect of evil-eye was gone and the camel got over with the permission of Allah.
Answer 4: Warnings
1) FIRST WARNING: Evil-eye effect is sometimes caused by human beings and sometimes by the jinn.
According to the narration by the mother of the believers, Ummu Salama, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) saw a girl in his house. He realized a change on the girl’s face and said: “Do faith healing for her (pray for her); because she is affected by evil-eye.” (Bukhari and Muslim narrated from Ummu Salama.)
Hafiz al-Baghawi says: While  indicating evil-eye, he Messenger of Allah meant that the Jinn can cause evil-effect.”
It is said: “The effect of evil-eye of the Jinn is more effective than the tip of a spear.” Doubtlessly, when one takes off his dirty clothes to change, or when he uncovers his private parts in order to relieve nature or for any other reason, he must supplicate in order to be protected from the evil-eye of the jinn. It is made by mentioning Allah’s name.
The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “When one enters the restroom (in another narration, when one takes off his clothes), saying bismillah will be a curtain between his private parts and the eyes of the jinn.” (narrated in Tirmidhi, Sunan and Ahmad bin Hanbal, Musnad.)
2) SECOND WARNING: One who is prone to evil-eye because of the health, beauty, blessings, boons and the likes which Allah bestowed on him must always be cautious and must not display himself.
Especially women must not display their own beauties and especially their daughters’ beauties excessively because many sad events are witnessed as a result of this.
The Messenger of Allah addressed Asma binti Umays as follows:
“Why do I see the sons of my brothers so weak? They seem they are in need of help.” (Muslim narrated from Jabir bin Abdullah). They were the sons of Hazrat Jafar and Abu Talib. And Asma said: “They are not sick. But they have been affected by evil-eye.”
Upon this, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Then do faith healing (pray) for them.” (Ahmad bin Hanbal, Musnad, 3/333).
3) THIRD WARNING: When people ask someone to do faith healing for them, they do not search to find out if that person has got strong faith, what his aim is and if his knowledge is enough. For this reason, they go to deceivers, sorcerers and ill-willed people. Those people are even more devastating. And there are amongst them some who even tell people to do things which are forbidden or bid’ah, or which are considered idolatry. We hope Allah the Glorious protects us from the mischief of such people.
One who asks for faith healing must be very careful and do it properly. That is to say; he should either do the faith healing (by reading supplications) himself or find believing and righteous people who are experienced in it. They should keep in mind that faith healing is not permissible if they do not do it in accordance with conditions approved by the shariah.
We must contemplate the meaning of the following verse which narrates the story of Prophet Joseph:
“Further he said: "O my sons! Enter not all by one gate: enter you by different gates. Not that I can profit you aught against God (with my advice): None can command except God: On Him do I put my trust: and let all that trust put their trust on Him.” (Yusuf, 12: 67).
It should be kept in mind that protection from evil-eye and its cure is only possible by believing in the truth of things coming from Allah and His Messenger. If they are doubtful or hesitant about it, the effectiveness of the cure will decrease.
Wearing an evil-eye bead is absolutely forbidden. It is a meaningless tradition practiced in the era of ignorance. Our Prophet (pbuh) says: “May Allah not complete the works of those who wear evil-eye beads”. (1)

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