Thursday, September 20, 2012

Asalam wa alikum

Why man is created?

From the miracle of the Quraan we find answers to all we think about. Thus
we must believe that the reason beyond our creation is to worship Allah
Subahnahu Wa Taa'la to thank him. Who, at same time, doesn’t need our
worshipping at all. Moreover he is completely able to discard us away as
nothing, and bring instead anew creatures for the purpose he has liked….

Reward and Punishment

Allah, Subahnahu Wa Taa'la nearly in each page of his book, "the Quraan",
reminds us with verses that, people will be inevitably put into two directions:
rewarded or punished. Each person according to his acts in this wordily life,
and his response to the message He has sent.
If, the person obeys the Lord, be faithful; believing in what the prophet Sala
Allahu Allyhi Wasallam (which as I said, by absolute proof and ultimatum
evidence, deserves nothing but believing and acting the good, as the Lord has
ordered in his verses or by the Hadieth of his messenger), he will be than
settled in the Paradise (Al Jannah), where from underneath them, rivers are
streaming. Seating on settees facing each other. For men there will be
maidens whose beauty is very great. In a verse which the translation of it's
meaning would be as:
(In them1 will be (maidens) chaste, restraining their glances (on their
masters) whom no man or Jinn before them has touched.) Surat Al
Rahman- Verse 56.
They will meet with those maidens in pearl tents... in addition to their palaces
The virtuous Muslim women whose actions are good will be as master ladies.
Believers ; men and women will enjoy a happiness that no human has ever
thought of.
And all are in ranks according to their acts in this wordily life …..
They will be there eternally, for ever. There will be no death, and they will
never be removed from there.
The verses and Hadieths telling us about comfort and happiness of living in
Al-Janneh (Paradise) are many.

Although, the happy life of the believers is something can't be imagined but
the most elite of it is the looking at the Lord Subahnahu Wa Taa'la . That the
believers will look at "Allah" Tabarak Wa Taa'ala1 the Lord and Creator of this
whole being.
The lord says about that promise, what it's meaning's translation would be "
(Faces at that day are flourishing, at their Lord looking) Surat Al
Qiyamah- Verse 16.

The prophet Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam informed us in a long true Hadieth
that we shall look at our Lord, with Allah willing, as we look at the moon as full
where no clouds are below it.
At the contrary of that, those who disbelieve will be punished, with hellfire..
They will not be let to go out of the hell, and will be living their eternally
because no death is there...They desire death (by the meaning of perishing,
but will never be let dying).
Those whom their arrogance, selfishness or wordily desires motivate them to
disbelieve and rejects Allah's will, will be punished with that permanent

The massage which Allah has sent Muhammed Sala Allahu Allyhi Wasallam
with, the same as the previous prophets2 –peace be upon them- were sent
with, is clear and stable and understood that it's the Word of Allah, the Lord
and Creator of this universe Tabarak Wa Taa'ala, and those disbelievers, are
disbelieving for nothing but for arrogance, selfishness or wordily desires

Thus they deserve the hellfire eternally, not dying. The Lord informed us
about their torture in many verses.
He says in a verse of this context, which the meaning translation thereof
would be as:
(Those who disbelieve in our (my) verses, We(I) shall strike them with
fire, each time their skins are well done, We(I) shall replace those skins
with new ones that they may taste the penalty for Allah is exalted in
power and wise) Surat Al Nisa – Verse : 56.

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